Our Learning Collaborative

By serving as a learning collaborative, the Coalition is working with neighborhood providers to establish a community-based integrated care network organized as a consortium of providers in each neighborhood throughout the city of Philadelphia. By forming the Learning Collaborative, the Coalition conducted extensive research to identify best practice models to serve populations with greatest need for integrated care-health home services. By bringing leaders of community-based organizations, hospitals, primary care practices and behavioral health experts, the Learning Collaborative provides opportunity for analysis and study of best practice models needed to design and implement a plan for Integrated Care-Health Homes. The Learning Collaborative is also designed to assess, describe and organize the community and health care resources needed in each “medical neighborhood” within the City of Philadelphia. This will help to address each population’s need to easily access care for mental health and substance abuse issues while assuring easy access to primary medical care and choice of providers necessary to improve health outcomes of targeted high-risk populations across the city.

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Hall Mercer Center
245 S. Eighth Street, #336
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