What is a Medical Neighborhood?

The Coalition is working through community partnerships to develop strategies and guidelines to establish relationships with other community organizations in the formation of medical neighborhoods. Health homes will offer an array of accessible neighborhood-based services and referrals for individuals and their families seeking care. We conceptualize medical neighborhoods within the city of Philadelphia as being an organized health home network within defined geographic areas that include a constellation of clinicians providing integrated primary medical and behavioral health care services, along with community and social services, to persons living with SMI within the neighborhood. Organized in this way, our Health Homes and Medical Neighborhoods can focus on meeting the individual needs of residents, while also addressing aspects of culturally-competent population health and overall community health needs as part of comprehensive health home objectives. Health Homes will provide a broad range of culturally competent services to adults, children and families within easily accessible neighborhood locations. By building on this foundation of neighborhood-based access to care and our long-standing relationships with various geographically accessible health and human service organizations, Coalition members are working to strengthen each community’s potential to collaborate with neighborhood-based partners to develop a network of integrated care-health home service providers at local level designated areas across the city of Philadelphia.

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