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Rosemary O’Rourke, B.S.W., M.Ed.

executive directorSince 1984, in both Philadelphia PA and Washington DC, Rosemary has served as Executive Director for non-profit behavioral health organizations serving children, youth, adults and families. With a strong background of leadership in developing community behavioral health programs and with extensive experience and practice in leading Organizational Transformation and Change initiatives, in addition to her executive leadership work as CEO for Community Mental Health provider organizations, Rosemary has led and implemented federally funded and research initiatives and programs for Washington DC Public Schools with a focus on reducing violence and creating safe school and classroom environments. This initiative included student participation in classroom “learning circles” using Evidence Based behavioral models for developing restorative practices and social-emotional skills. As Executive Director for the DC Association for Special Education (DCASE), Rosemary worked closely with the Deputy Mayor for Education, State Superintendent for Special Education, District of Columbia Public Schools Assistant Superintendent for Special Education, and various policy makers, school and community leaders and advocacy groups. She worked with the Board of Directors of DCASE to create a consortium of licensed and certified special education and behavioral health providers to provide training/professional development and behavioral health services for inclusion as part of best practices provided on school sites throughout the District of Columbia Public Schools.

Rosemary believes that ongoing “learning circle conversations” that ask “strategic questions” to address problems and solutions in examining and responding to social determinants of good health can strengthen behavioral health of the community. Learning Communities help to build commitment and involvement of stakeholders, consumers, community leaders and social and educational institutions in addressing commonly defined problems of public health. The Philadelphia Coalition Learning Collaborative is designed to bring the community together to develop integrated care-health home supports and services that positively impact public health issues and to strengthen behavioral health education/professional development opportunities. Rosemary hopes to shape the Coalition Integrated Care-Health Home Learning Collaborative by working closely with the Coalition Board of Directors to design a structure of “learning communities,” that will facilitate the building of partnerships among community mental health centers, behavioral health providers, hospitals, social service organizations, primary care practices, housing providers and educational institutions within a “medical neighborhood” health home model that address public health issues and social determinants of health in the treatment of serious mental illness across the City of Philadelphia.

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