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Our Transformed Purpose: To serve as a learning community for the study, formation and development of Behavioral Health Integrated Care-Health Homes through Medical Neighborhoods

In October 2010, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released a State Medicaid Director letter that outlined preliminary guidance on the implementation of section 2703 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) entitled “State Option to Provide Health Homes for Enrollees with Chronic Conditions.” This provision encouraged states to address and receive additional Federal support for the enhanced integration of primary medical care and behavioral health care through the development of Integrated Care-Health Home services and supports for persons across the lifespan with chronic conditions. Section 2703 of the ACA includes in its definition of chronic conditions “serious and persistent mental health conditions” (SMI). The ACA also describes “designated providers” of health homes to include “community mental health centers.”

In September 2013 the Philadelphia Coalition restructured its Mission and Board of Directors to focus solely on the development of Behavioral Health Integrated Care-Health Homes within medical neighborhoods that would be aligned with Section 2703 of the ACA. The Coalition initiated this restructuring of Mission and Board Membership as a major proactive step towards partnering with the City of Philadelphia to serve as a Learning Collaborative for the development of Integrated Care-Health Homes for SMI and other high risk targeted populations in need of integration of behavioral health and primary medical care by forming medical neighborhoods across the city. Our commitment to building “learning communities” to create medical neighborhoods is guided by best practices to address behavioral health needs within a community-wide “population health” focused model. .

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